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Submission Guidelines

Notice: For information about submitting flash fiction, micro fics, short stories, or poetry to our magazine, visit


We are especially interested in works which:

  • Are fictional

  • Are already complete

  • Are 1,000-70,000 words in length or can be split into two or more novellas of 20,000+ words

  • Engage the reader within the first two pages

  • Qualify as romantic, paranormal, historical, fantasy, adventure, or suspense (horror and sci-fi sometimes considered)

  • Include real-world diversity (featuring couples of all genders and relationship types)

We are not interested in works which:

  • Advocate prejudice against people based on ethnic background, physical appearance, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, disabilities, etc.

  • Have strong religious themes

  • Are politically-motivated or themed

  • Have a plot heavily-related to violent crimes, abuse, or addiction (Consensual non-consent, a type of BDSM play, is acceptable)

  • Have depressive themes such as those deeply-rooted in destruction or self-harm  

  • Are non-fiction or truth-based (with the exception of titles already in our queue)

  • Are written for or about children (a separate imprint for children’s books is forthcoming)

  • Refer to brand-name products or real-life people or events

  • Are unofficial sequels to or heavily-influenced by another artist's copyright-protected work (e.g. books, movies, etc.)

  • Require more-than-usual editing time due to excessive errors in punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure

Some major retailers require that e-books with erotic content include a statement attesting that sex participants are adults. For this reason, we will include on the copyright page of all applicable e-books the following statement or one that is similar: "All characters engaged in sexual behavior are adults well over the age of eighteen".  This statement does not need to be included with your submission.

Your submission must include all of the following (pitch not required):

  1. The complete first chapter of your manuscript in PDF format

  2. A brief description of the story and how it ends

  3. The genre in your own words (not all stories fit into one category, feel free to be creative)

  4. Tell us a little about yourself: A one-paragraph bio all about you (you may include your interests and a web address, if you have one)

  5. A sentence or two indicating why you are specifically interested in Nocturna Press or if you were referred by someone else who was interested



Regrettably, we cannot answer all inquiries and submissions, but we will make every effort to respond even if we cannot publish your title at this time. Please only submit once per title, but if you feel we may not have seen your submission, please feel free to send it once more. Email submissions to: Submissions not accepted will be deleted from our servers for your protection.

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