Featured Authors

Maria Christine
Genre(s): Gothic Romance, Historical Fantasy Romance

Most Recent Titles: The Shifty Servants (available now), and The End of Winter (forthcoming)

Official Website: www.MariaChristineOnline.com

S.R. Burks
Genre(s): Romance, Suspense, Fantasy, Horror
Most Recent Title: Never Make Promises
Official Website: www.SRburks.com

Narcissa Brimstone
Genre(s): Romantic Literotica
Most Recent Title(s): Interludes of Ecstasy Series
Official Website: www.HellfireNBrimstone.com

Margie Kay
Genre(s): Paranormal Non-Fiction
Most Recent Title: Gateway to the Dead: A Ghost Hunter's Field Guide
Official Website: www.MargieKay.com

Maria C. McKenzie
Genre(s): Paranormal Non-Fiction, Children's Literature

Most Recent Title: Phantom Encounters