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About Nocturna



Nocturna Press is an independent publisher with primary interests in Gothic, medieval, suspenseful and supernatural romance.

Nocturna was founded in 2012 by an indie writer and business owner. The company grew from her love of romantic and occult stories written by authors who appreciate the art of story-telling and have a genuine affection for their characters. Nocturna Press and Nocturna Studios are committed to the telling and preservation of these stories—whether in the form of books, short stories, games or films—as born from the heart of the author and not those written simply for trade. It is our honest belief that the most creative stories come from the heart and soul of the author and that characters are people too. For this reason, we expect to find characters of many different ethnicities, personalities, and lifestyles in the stories we publish. We want our stories to be a fantastic and often magical escape from the ordinary, but also to express the beauty and relatability that comes with realistic diversity. We believe this diversity comes naturally to authors who lay their inhibitions aside and let the characters tell their own stories.  

Nocturna Press is also publisher of Nocturna Press Quarterly Magazine. Read the digital edition free at There, you can also listen free to classic suspense and paranormal radio dramas.

Nocturna Studios and Nocturna Games, divisions of Nocturna Press, are currently in the design and development stages of tabletop and video game production. Visit for details. 

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